Friday, February 1, 2013


This is Claire Noelle.She is the cutest, funniest 1 yr old on planet Earth.

This cracks me up everytime. She makes this face bc she knows that it makes me laugh! Its adorable. I think this is her version of how she thinks I LOOK when I laugh. Pretty adorable.

We're just sitting having our morning chat. "Hello Miss Claire, my do you look pretty this morning"

"Why thank you Mommy..."

Insert a laugh here because we are so darn funny...

"Blahhh! Can I get down now?"

Claire and her clip clop big girl shoes. She was sooo proud of herself and kept walking back and forth, she took a brief intermission after she tripped and donked her head on a chair- she cried and then as you see- she happily carried on. Nothing gets this girl down for too long!!

Claire favorite thing in the morning besides FOOD is a BATH!!

I love her red lips and chubby arms- her rolls have rolls...


Claire lives life in the fast lane...

And THEN she has second thoughts...

Playing peek-a-boo with me as we watch Alyse and Grant stomp in the backyard slush

Claires official first trip to the park as a WALKER!!

She is soooo excited


"This is a monumental day mom... "

This is posed.. her first real trip down the slide was head first...

Swings are always a favorite

Claire-- You have my heart forever!!

Claire will  be 1yr in 2 weeks!! I'm sure Alyse will  make it the best party any 1 yr old baby could hope for!
We love you darlin girl!

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