Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Idaho (w/ sunshine)

We went to Jeremiah's aunts home for an Easter egg hunt yesterday. There were about 10 kids including our own, ages 1 to 7.
They had over 550 eggs scattered around the lawn! It was AWESOME! Especially because the candy IN the eggs
were 80% chocolate :)

Thats my handsome little boy! He thought this was great!!

This is the 4-wheeler that my son climbed up on the second we got out of the car--- and then peed on. The owner,
a bf of one of J's cousins, was NOT happy... after this grown mans tantrum I was actually a little bit gleeful that Grant had peed on his stupid 4-wheeler...

Grant and his turtle

Daddy helping Alyse reach the Easter eggs in the tree

Anything with a motor and handlebars...

Yep! Thats Grant for ya!! :)

My family!!
Poor Alyse, we are still trying to get rid of those sores on her face..

Claire Noelle, chillin' in the sunshine!!

Seperating candy from the eggs
Another picture of the Easter fun!!

Saturday afternoon we sat the kids down and taught them about the true meaning of Easter. Madison, Jeremiah's little sister; gave us a baggie full of Easter eggs that have scriptures in each about the crucifixion and resurrection of our savior. The kids listened and I felt the Spirit... I hope that they understood a small portion of the lesson, and felt the spirit as well.

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