Monday, April 9, 2012

I love April

The Voss Children!!

Claire is soooooo pretty- AND fitting into her 6 month clothes already... The girl is not even 2 months yet! hehe

Dont you just want to KISS her face? I do- all the time :)
Kids playing with the neighbors

Alyse's cute friend Elora

They are soo sweet together. Elora is VERY smart and Alyse loves her.


All the kids playing nicely

Elora pushing Alyse on the swing

We really need to get our double stroller out of storage soon. I took them to the park down the street, Alyse hopped out to play and Grant wanted a longer ride in the stroller, so we lapped the park a few times.

 I cant get over how handsome this little guys is. He is also VERY funny.

Digging in the dirt

Dont mind the pee spot in the background. And YES I taught her that - to her fathers chagrin...
Now we are trying to unlearn this...

"I'm coming leesee..."

Me: "you ready to go home buddy?  Buddy: "nooo..."

Todays weather was BEAUTIFUL!! We tried to spend a few hours out enjoying it. Kids are now napping, we plan on playing hide-and-seek in the dark tonight for our FHE game!! Alyse and Grant have really liked that lately!!

Also, we found out that J did not get the job at Amet that he really wanted. Its alright though... We both know and trust that the Lord sometimes has to say no so that He can give us something better later down the road. Keep us in your prayers, we hope something pops up soon! Thanks!!

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