Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun, Voss Style

This last weekend we had a blast!

At one of our Easter egg hunts they stuffed the eggs with free cones from Dairy Queen!
We cashed 2 of them in and headed for the park!!

Grant takes tiny licks of his ice cream- he's like a puppy


Grant rules the slide...

After we finished the ice cream there were 3 bus loads of kids that showed up to the park to play!
This was Friday around lunchtime- Alyse thought is was the COOLEST thing to have TONS
of kids to play with.

I love these kids! :) They are so much fun!

Saturday Jeremiah took us to Ashton to feed the fish- which we have done a few times before.

Claire stayed in the car where it was warm :)

The kids love to watch the fish surface- They are HUGE!

Almost as big as grants torso!
Alyse and Grant fed them a whole bag of puppy food!!

I love this smile!!
Caught two-handed!! :)

Getting a closer look!

Be careful sweet girl! When J and I were first dating, he tripped over these same rocks and his wallet fell into the water and started floating down the river... Good thing he caught it too...

Because ice cream after feeding the fish has become a TRADITION! :)  Jeremiah: Huckleberry  Britta: Chocolate  Alyse: Pink Bubblegum  Grant: Birthday cake ice cream  :)

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Stephanie said...

your kids are freaking cute!