Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter in Idaho

The kids playing with some of the bags I put together for Conference!!

New Church books

Here are a few of the bags I ended up making! They were a total HIT! i am doing this again next year!!

Alyse is being attacked by Claire... And Grant really wanted to go outside, so he got
his coat and lion on to convince me it was time

Our girls ;)

Bigger boy

Alyse all ready for Preschool!!

My dad (Ross) has a birthday coming up this month, so I decided to make him something for his office

Keep in mind my parents live on a minature Farm... and my dad is the keeper of the chickens.

I ended up taking the barn off... didn't end up liking it.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Saturday we let the kids find their easter baskets and eggs that we had hidden for them

I love this picture- just wish I could convince my son to wear pants


Alyse found hers soon after

The easter bunny left some pretty awesome gifts!

and fun eggs to collect

Both Alyse and Grant got new shoes, bubbles, foam puddy, stamps, and CANDY!

Grant hated his hat... can you tell?

but he loved his shoes

Sugar City put on an egg hunt at 9am for the little kids- they had a great time- but they were FREEZING! Why did it have to snow? Rexburg is totally unpredictable.

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