Friday, March 30, 2012

General Conference for Toddlers!!

I am sooo prepared for Conference this time around!! I saw these on pinterest and knew I had to make my own.
I put together 12 packets of entertainment and treats for my kids, 6 each. I taped picturesof the prophet and apostles on each of the bags so that they will have a new bag to open when that particular person is speaking! I put two or three apostles on each bag- I CANT WAIT to show them to my kids tomorrow!

This bag has 4 scripture story books in it, a card game (crazy 8) and treats

This bag has sour straws, Alyse gets a minnie yo-yo, paddle ball, top and looking glass. Grant has one similar, but its cars, not minnie

hmmm... this picture is lame, but there is two tone gak and a few treats

yo-yo ball that lights up!! soo cool Grant will love this!

This is a cardboard doll house that we'll need to set up together

This bag has coloring pages, crayons, and stickers

I hope that the kids enjoy these, but also that they learn to look forward to hearing the Prophets voice. These packets aren't to distract them from Conference, but hopefully to keep them in the room where they can feel the Holy Ghost and learn important truths. Cant wait for tomorrow!! More pictures to come!!

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