Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season

Monday I started putting up some of our Christmas decorations

Which Grant promptly turned into a weapon

Tis the season for packing- this includes going through ALL the baby girl clothes I have and making sure Claire will have warm enough outfits when she is born- I have determined that we have MORE than enough clothing, she will def NOT go nakie

Alyse loved looking through all the baby girl clothes with me and snapping all the outfits together after I washed them :) She is such a great helper and SO excited to meet her little sister

Meanwhile- my house looks like this

Well, this is what it looked like the day I was organizing my life in my living room..

All the plastic bags are kids clothing and my non-maternity clothes. Yikes.

This is what my house looks like now- including Alyse sitting on the couch watching a movie- because I have been so busy getting everything organized.

After things were somewhat cleaned up and organized, Monday night for FHE we watched my favorite childhood Christmas movie- The Disney Christmas Sing-A-Long!!

Look at this guilty Chipmonk... As this was playing in the living room Jeremiah and I were breathing death wishes in the kitchen to similar rodents who had been living in OUR Christmas tree....

When we opened the box to set up our tree this is what we found. Ridiculous! Looks like we have been providing not only a home (Tree) for our local field mice, but also rice from a hacky sack I made Grant for Christmas last year AND Crayons... you know, just in case they got bored and wanted to get artistic.

We shop vac'd out our tree and set it up. Needless to say we have set out more mouse traps and poison to kill these lovely guests.

 Even though we have A LOT going on this month- Finding a job, packing, moving, Christmas- and there will be many changes in our family in the next 2 months- i am grateful that all of this is happening around Christmastime to help remind us who it is that we rely on for everything that we have. I am grateful for my Savior and for his loving example. May we all take a little time to be thoughtful and not get too caught up in the motions of Christmas.


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