Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip to Utah

After our 4 hour drive to Utah on Tuesday- we were very happy to let the kids play at the park in Marilee and Devin's backyard!! 

Alyse found a hoola hoop that someone had left there and she was very happy

Here's my girl!!

Two steps off the deck and you are at the park! Cool huh?

Grant loves to slide

Alyse loves to climb the slide

She's a climber just like her mom was!!

Daddy and Grant playing puppies

Grant found some sunglasses

Alyse wanted to try them out... of course

So she took them.

I made her give them back... Little swiper!
Alyse has had a great time playing with the Mrs. Potato head that I made for her out of felt.

She loved this too..

Look at the veggie tray!! This is Thanksgiving Day!

These pictures are out of order, but we had a pie night the night before Thanksgiving with the Garner Clan- it was fun to visit with everyone

The cousins all have piano lessons at gma garners house- Alyse loved to play along as the other kids played actual songs on the piano.

Kennedy and some of the other girls playing

More pie..

Reagan and Heidi

Prepping for Thanksgiving dinner

Pie night again...


Holly and Ken visited for the holiday and brought their little baby girl

There was a lot of food... My favorites were the stuffing and the mashed butternut squash!
Alyse and Grant spent a lot of time out in the backyard playing in the tree house and jumping on the trampoline!
I went to my Dads house the night before Thanksgiving without the kids so I could help bake some pies!

Aiden, my littlest brother was hanging out in the next room 'writing sentences and numbers' on the white board. He's a pretty cool kid.

This is Andrew (my BFF) and his beautiful wife Lindsay! We met at Robins  (my other BFF) and had a breakfast! Robin made homemade french bread for the french toast, I made bacon and Andrew made the eggs! It was awesome!

Goofy guy...

Robin, her two boys and Lisa, her younger sister

Calvin, Robin, Lisa and Oliver!!

A pic of us three BFF's!! oh- and Calvin snuck in the picture too there are the bottom. (I am TOTALLY never wearing this shirt again btw... can we say 'BOOBS'? yuck.)

Robin and her sweet baby Oliver!! He is a doll! He fell asleep while I was holding him!

Hey sweetie pie!!

My cute little guy getting ready to go outside

We also stopped by Cabela's to see the fish and buy me some comfy shoes!

Cabela's is the best!! We had a great week in Utah- Jeremiah had a job interview with DJH Engineering and he said it went well. We should be hearing back from them in the next 2 weeks- I don't know if I am ready to LIVE in Utah, but we sure would love a job!! Keep us in your prayers!!

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