Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day!!

Christmas Videos!

We had a wonderful Christmas!! The kids were so excited for Christmas Day- and we had soo much fun watching them open their gifts! On Christmas Eve we had 3 HUGE sacks of toys dropped off at our house from Santa (or our ward) for the kids! The third bag was for baby voss :) We also had 2 sets of people drop food off at our house full of Christmas food; ham, potatoes, pumpkin pies, and canned foods. We have been soooo blessed this holiday season!! We haven't wanted for anything since Jeremiah lost his job, and I am so grateful!!  Here are some pictures of our Christmas Day and above is a link of videos for all of those who might be interested.

A few days before Christmas the kids and I went with our friends to deliver Christmas ornaments to a nursing home. Alyse really enjoyed it, Grant just loved the fish.

Alyse and her friend Tristan did most of the delivering

We made some similar ornaments for our own tree on Christmas Eve!

Super Excited- Can you tell?

Also on Christmas Eve, we went to Sugar City to have dinner with the Smith family! Heidi always decorates her table to elegantly. We had a great time with them as well!

Kiddie table

The dinner (you can see the clam chowder I made in the background) Everything was delicious!! YUM

Heidi and Roger gave us our gifts before we left! This pic is blurry, but you can see the gift they gave us was WAY cool!! We can measure our kids and if we move the measurements can come with us!!

Our Christmas tree

Alyse's stocking

ART TABLE!! This was from Gpa Brett! We set it up for the kids for Christmas morning and they are loving it

You can see the tents Gma and Gpa Smith gave the kids for Christmas in the background. We hid a gift in their tents for them to find later! They thought that was too cool. It was dad's idea

Grants stocking

Jeremiah's and my own stocking!!


I decorated our table for Christmas breakfast

So fun!

Jeremiah made a great Lemon Meringue pie!!

One of the gifts that I put in the boys stockings were tiny dart guns--- they have had a lot of fun chasing each other around with them.

Also a quick update- we determined today that we will not be moving this week, but at the end of NEXT month. We are pretty happy to stay here and are hoping that jeremiah can find work by the time we need to move again. Wouldn't that be great?

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