Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Projects!!

Jeremiah has been attached to the quilt Gma Barbara made us for our wedding. For the last 4 years he has slept with nothing else. That poor quilt has seen better days- Gma even patched it for him 2 years ago in WA for his birthday... We decided it was time for a new blanket without so many holes. Although this quilt turned out pretty cool, it will take J some time to get over his gma quilt crush... These are the materials I ended up choosing for Jeremiah's blanket!

The pattern was really simple and only took my about 6 hours from start to finish

The COOLEST thing about this blanket is the batting- When I was making Lexi's college quilt we bought A TON of extra white fleece because it was on ultra sale at the time. I used that as the batting, so it is thick and heavy and really comfy to cuddle up with.

After a few more washes I think the fabric will start to get a little softer, and a little more worn in.

And for Alyse... I upgraded an old purse I have had for 3 years now. It was an ugly brown leather and never stayed on my shoulder- but add some pretty fabric (a misfit maternity shirt and some old capri pajama pants) and this purse is super cute!!

The ribbon I used it also from the maternity shirt. I loved that shirt, but it NEVER fit me.

The bottom is even cute ;) I am so darn creative!! She has carried it everywhere with her and I am so glad that she likes it! Who says kids need store bought toys...

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That purse is super cute!!