Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Da FaRRm

Last Monday Jeremiah and I decided to pack up and drive to Washington to visit the FaRRm (my parents last name is Farr- for those of you who don't know). Alyse has been BEGGING us to take her- she missed her family and the animals! We left around 5:30pm and the 12 hour drive went pretty well- aside from running out of gas in the middle of nowhere- a nice man pulled us into town so we could refill our gas tank..

One of the main reasons to go down was to be there with my baby brother as he got his Temple endowments! I am so glad that we got to spend a little time with him before he leaves on his mission Feb 7th!

Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Roxy and Big


Alyse adores Josh

We've always had a hallway like this in our house- pictures of us when we were little! I need to make a poster for each of my kids! :)

Silly girl! Alyse and Grant found alot of things to keep them occupied in the boys room- the leggos were an all time favorite- and these awesome hats were another.

Awww... what a happy day! Congratulations Josh!!

I love to see the Temple!!

After our session we went out to dinner and had INDIAN FOOD!!

I had to take this picture because he was purposefully shoving his face full of food when I pulled my camera out... (see last picture for proof) I love you Dad!

Josh wisely choosing his dinner

I cant say that Indian food looks super appetizing, but it sure tastes great!!

After running a few errands we took a stop into downtown Gig Harbor to show the kids the boats!

Add caption


Noelle had to run to catch Grant from going on the dock by himself... He wasn't too happy, he wanted to go ON the boat...

Look at that sad pouty face... Poor baby!

Grandma and Grant!!

Grant loves to Vacuum, just like his Grandpa!!

Hello Beautiful!

Ummm... Hey, Wierdie

 Chillin in the kitchen 

Josh was trying to scare Noelle with his FACE. I think it worked.

Excuse me, I'm trying to clean here...

Its amazing how Grant can turn random household objects into swords!


Too cute

I love this girl!

Alyse hanging out with Gpa in the kitchen

Josh made a huge slide for the kids with gymnastic mats! This kept them busy for quite a while.

We love the FaRRm!

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