Saturday, November 12, 2011

~November Fun~

We had the McEwen family over for dinner the other night- we had a great time, the kids had fun as well- the proof was left on the floor in their bedroom... They had ripped a bean bag filled with rice and it was everywhere!!

We all took turns vacuuming- Alyse and Grant had never vacuumed before- I was more than happy to let them take over!!

After the mess was cleaned from the night before I fed my children. Grant LOVED the sausage and eggs- two sausages on his fork at a time!! He conquered the sausage!

I know this is kind of a gross picture, but it makes me so happy when my kids actually EAT and ENJOY the food I make them... I had to have a picture of this moment.

Last night we hung out with Tristan and Bryson. Again- children eating FOOD makes me soo happy.

See? She's even happy and smiling

I didn't get many good pictures, but they played so well together- they played playdough and did a puzzle together and were singing "whats gunna work...? TEAM WORK!" as they worked together. They had a great time.

Blurry picture of them doing the puzzle

AND... This morning during bathtime I let the kids paint the bathtub!! They are quite the little artists...

Sooo happy to be making messes!!!!!

It turns out painting the bathtub is pretty cool.....

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