Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sisterhood of the traveling cookie box!!

For my moms birthday in January my Grandma gave her a decorative box filled with cookies. I dont really remember who's idea it was to pass the cookie box around, but it was a good idea because now that I have the box  I got to make GINGERBREAD cookies! I have never made them before and I get to send them to my Auntie Shell!! This 'sisterhood' is a pretty select group you know... Just Grandma, my momma, auntie shell and I. You have to be pretty cool and go though months of rituals and pledges. You also gotta know how to make cookies.

The first batch turned out pretty well-

2nd batch a little better, 3rd batch not so good- BUT... the FOURTH batch. They were okay..

See- the cookies are cooling in the background- I made them!

I decided that putting faces on them only made them look creepy, so I laced the rest with icing. I need to invest in a better frosting tip!

This was one of the better looking faces. They are pretty good! I am impressed with how they turned out! Did you know that some gingerbread recipes call for PEPPER? Wierd huh? I thought it was wierd.

I packaged them pretty well so hopefully they will not get too broken up in the mail. Next time I will roll the dough out a little thicker so that they are a little chewy- I like them chewy :)

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