Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Kitten

So yesterday we went to Pocatello as a family so that I could run the 1/2 Marathon.  Have been training for about a year now and even though it was INTENSE, I am glad that I did it!! Anyways, after the race as we were walking to the car Jerm and the kids found this little kitten all by herself- so we brought her home! We love her, she is so sweet and patient with the kids, even though they can be a little rough. We named her Saige, because of her eye color. This video MADE MY DAY... Oh man, we have such a sweet little boy. Enjoy!!


Nathan & Katelyn said...

Really, he's the cutest little boy!!!

Cathryn said...

Cutest little boy ever!! He is so excited about that kitty!!

Josh and Tiff said...

So cute. I hope you guys can keep it, but if something were to ever happen to it, we have plenty to spare. It was fun having you guys over. Thanks for dinner.