Sunday, November 14, 2010


Jeremiah made us a great snowman!

the snow is BEAUTIFUL!!

Little Alyse... :)

Our cute kids!

We had lots of fun!!

Grant thought it was really cool that his toys were covered in snow!!



Cathryn said...

Your siblings are going to freak when they see these pictures!! They want snow so bad1

I'm glad to see the kids all bundled up, I bet they had tons of fun!
Bring some snow with you when you come for THanksgiving.

The Ririe's said...

I do miss that first snow fall. It is so pretty until it gets ugly from the red rock they put down. We won't have that for at least another month or two. I kind of miss that.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

wow i didnt realize that it snowed THAT much!

Browns said...

So beautiful! It looks like the kids are enjoying it. I love that we get one or two snowstorms here in Texas each year but SO glad that it doesn't stay!!