Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Fun!! Trunk-or-Treat

We had a trunk-or-treat to go to tonight! AND I did not really have costumes in mind until 2 hours before. I dressed Grant as a nerd... You'll have to see in other pictures the final costume I came up with.

I knew Alyse had to be something VERY girly- so as I was curling her hair I asked her what she was going to be for Halloween and she said "Im a mermaid princess momma!" (She had just gotten out of the bath)

A crappy picture of the back of her hair... sorry

My darlin girl


I was going to have him either carry and x-box controller around or this laptop- But i decided to hand a calculator around his neck instead!! It was ADORABLE!! (even if i do say so myself)

Once we got there...

We saw a big creepy bear... He was literally RUNNING up and down the parking lot... Alyse LOVED IT

Grant peed his pants!!! Poor kid. I held him for a while after that trama.

"Trick or Treat!"

Grant loved collecting his candy- you can also see his awesome calculator here!! :)

Cake walk!! BOTH my kids won a cupcake!! Lucky kids!!

Grant found a BIG ball while Alyse was walking the cake walk!!   He was sooo happy!

Katelyn, Ethan and Logan!! Standing in line to get our pictures taken!!

Alyse loved watching the face painting booth

"WoW! Momma!!Make-Up!!"

A face.

Alyse is telling me "I'll be right back, okay...? right back..."

There she goes... I lost Alyse TWICE tonight and Grant once... grrr... BUT they were having lots of fun exploring. We really had a good time. 

They got their picture taken!! :) We'll get the original soon!  

Then... We got to ride in the Broulims shopping cart that they usually reserve for the 4th of July Parade...


HAHAHA! This pic. cracks me up!

Picture of the 3 of us!! (Daddy was at school studying for an exam he has this Sat... )

Look at that beast! I am so glad that we went! It was great!! ALSO- thanks to Katelyn for joining us and helping me track down my kids when i lost them!! haha... next time I am bringing a stroller- or a leash. 



Nathan & Katelyn said...

It was seriously SOOOO much fun!! Thanks for inviting us- we had a blast! ANDDDD.... Grants costume was freaking adorableeeee!!!! i LOVE those kids!!

Cathryn said...

You did a great job on the spur of the moment costumes...reminds me of me! I'm glad to see you have the "inventive fly by the seat of your pants if necessary" gene in you!

We can hardly wait to have the babies come visit--oh and you and J too!!


Marilee said...

Cute pictures! I was down in my basement looking for something when I came across a care bear movie from madison library district. I don't think it is Devins :) What would you like me to do with it? I could mail it to you or whatever you like.