Friday, August 15, 2014

We are going to school!

We are beginning a NEW chapter! Alyse and Grant will be attending public school this year and I will be starting the online Pathways program through BYU-I to complete my BA.

Alyse and Grant are so full of energy and excitement for this upcoming year! Alyse will be in 1st grade and Grant in Kindergarten- they will be gone all day M-F; I am not quite sure how I feel about that!! I am excited for them to learn and meet new people, but of course I am concerned that they will learn things I don't want them to learn. I don't know if I have much control over that anyways...

Convincing myself to  transition from homeschool to public school has been a slow process and I have given it much thought. I think my desire to homeschool came from the desire to keep my chicks close and protect them from this scary world. Also, its HARD to let your babies go, I think I am freaking out more about not seeing them then anything else. What if they fall off the jungle gym at recess, or don't make any friends? I have already taken them to the elementary playground and made sure that Alyse can reach the monkey bars and Grant knows not to climb too high... I am slowly coming to the realization that my kids need to get out of my shadow of protection and think and act for themselves. I know Jeremiah and I will do our best to have good discussions with them and be involved in the  their interests. I want them to see the good and the bad and choose the good because THEY want to and because THEY can see the difference from their own personal experiences. All we can do as parents is be the example in word and deed and trust them to make correct decisions.

I am excited to complete my degree in Applied Management- it will take me a few years, but I have my associates degree already, so hopefully I will be able to apply some of the credits I have completed. I will post pictures soon of Alyse and Grant on their first days of school!! This is going to be a wild year for us, Claire and I will get some one on one and I know that is a huge blessing as well. I am grateful for a good companion who counsels with me and is right there with me through all of this. He is my support and my strength. Here's to a great year of education!

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