Saturday, January 25, 2014

Living at the Farrm

Its no secret that I have warm feelings for the home of my youth- my family lives on a small 12 acre farm and when we moved here and with the last name Farr- it quickly was dubbed "The Farrm". We lost our job in November, moved here about a week after we found out- and made it just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and 4 teenage siblings!! What fun we had cooking in the kitchen! I haven't lived closer than 8 hours away from my family in the last 9 years- so this has been a treat for me. Never at loss for bbsitters, someone to sing with, bake with, talk to, go shopping with- I guess I should mention that 3 of those teenage siblings are girls... :) Our homeschooling experience has been enhanced with hands on learning about a new climate, new plants, farm animals, and a bit of marine biology (which was my favorite class in HS). Its been sooo much fun going for hikes in the woods and turning over rocks at the beach to find crabs. Alyse's reading is really coming along now and Grants is not far behind her. I guess I am a bit overwhelmed by the many blessings we have been enjoying. Jeremiah is loving his new job in Kent at The Robbins Company, better than any job previous and it is a permanent hire. As we have been looking for a home near his job we have felt very hesitant about moving to Kent. While there are some nicer areas- it is so close to Seattle that the cost of living is ridiculous. Jeremiah has always been conservative about finances and so we are in the process of putting together floor plans to build a 2 bdrm 1 ba here on the Farrm separate from the main house. My parents had already closed off the 3 car carport with attached room with intentions of turning it into an apartment in the future.  It will be small, and the commute to work is 45 min, but it will allow us to pay a realistic rent, build our savings and still enjoy the benefits of living on the Farrm and the community of Gig Harbor. After a few years- if J's job proves to be stable we will think about buying our own home.
 The ward here has changed a ton since I was young, but Alyse and Grants have fabulous teachers in Primary and Jeremiah and I enjoy making new friends. Jeremiah has been cooking a lot lately- he started with naan bread and now he is using similar dough to make pizza bombs. I have been spending time taking a math class online and reading. Alyse still loves to color and play with the chickens, Grant loves to ride his bike and climb trees and Claire just loves to be outside walking around touching everything and getting into yelling matches with the family rooster.

Last, but not least, my brother Elder Josh Farr is coming home from a 2 year mission to Brazil on Feb 28th! We are SO excited!! We are going to make Cheeseburgers and fries and chocolate cake- all American foods that he hasn't had for these past 2 years. Having him home will be great- he will get to meet Claire for the first time.

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Kimberly said...

I grew up in Enumclaw, and my family is still there. We go visit pretty frequently. It would be so fun for Sean and Jeremiah to get together again, and maybe we could meet in real life! Ha, I think it's been 9 years since we've seen jeremiah. Crazy!