Friday, September 13, 2013

Voss happenings

This week for school we have been focusing on sounding out simple words. This is the egg game! 

I list a few words and letters and Alyse and Grant take turns sounding them out and if they get it correct they can flip the egg onto their plate.

They enjoyed doing this for about 15 minutes.

See how creative we are?

Alyse has found the most disgusting spider outside in our backyard. There are a few. They are called 'Cat faced' spiders and after looking them up we found that they spin ultra strong webs (which we tested to see if correct and YES! That web is crazy strong!)
They are also harmless.

This is not its web, but we have seen a bunch of new webs in our ward lately as Fall approaches! We are going to be very busy researching spiders!!

Wednesdays my friend Tiffany and I put together a PE class for the younger kids in our ward who are not old enough to go to school yet. These are the kids Grants age. Alyse and Claire join in too and we have a lot of fun!

Claire is so laid back and easy... She is content to think her own thoughts and explore. She loves to be outside following her brother and sister around, or talking to herself.

Claire is always good for a laugh. Alyse was helping me blanch broccoli today and Claire came in to brighten our day!

She can make anyone smile!

Love my kids!

Alyse was making sure all the broccoli was rinsed in salt water before we blanched it to kill any bugs or larvae. (gross) I might never eat raw broccoli again! Alyse is a good helper in the kitchen. She will know how to cook almost anything before she is 10 :)

In our school closet we have many boxes full of hands on activities. The tool box is by far one of the favorites!

They are asked to draw a circle and keep all the nails and tools inside the
circle for easy clean up. Its worked pretty well!

Alyse and I made a little table today out of some of the wood pieces. We only had 3 legs for the table so she ran into the garage and grabbed dads hand saw so that I could help her make the 4th leg the same size. She is so resourceful!

She painted it when it was all put together and it looks very nice.

I didn't take a picture of the finished product. She is so creative!

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