Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Soccer- Alyse's first game

Here we are! Ready to go! Now... where is our team?

We found them! time to warm up!

Taking her turn sitting out. They played 3 on 3.

These guys were so good clapping for Alyse! Grants got his game face on!

Alyse was a great team player, she never made a goal herself,
but got the ball across the field many times.

She's pretty proud of herself right about now...

I have to take a picture of me once in a while..

Alyse is all the way to the left. She rocked!

Pretty girl, pretty braid!

We're sooo excited of all this!! I love this goofy smile of his.

White team kicked it out- Alyse got to kick it back in (a few times) haha
(Same game, they just switched colors around a bit because most of  the other team didn't show)

Good game

Good job girls!

So sweet!


1 comment:

Skye said...

She's so pretty! (And possibly a budding soccer star??!) You'd better dress her up as Elsa from Frozen at least a few times- the hair is just too perfect!!!!