Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I took the kids to a park Wed- it has been in the high 90's here and so we are sure to bring lots of water and wear sunscreen!

Pretty Smile!

Alyse and Grant came to the park too- but Claire stayed around for pictures
Cute new outfit!!

HAD to get a few pics of Alyse and her first soccer practice. The girls had a fun time getting to know each other and her coach is very nice.

Can you tell we were all dying of heat?

The girls were allowed to take 4 water breaks during those 45 minutes- it was HOT!

Alyse is going to have a blast! Her first game is this Saturday- I hope to BLOG that event as well!!

We drove to Rexburg for a Dr. apt before we headed to our family reunion in Downy Idaho. We Spent an hour showing the kids around campus.

These buildings are beautiful and nostalgic for us- we miss this place

We took them to see the animal exhibit- this is an elephant skull. Grant was thrilled!

Look at that thing!!

There were allll kinds of animals

The leopard was a favorite- the bears were cool as well and the HUGE hippo head!!

We arrived earlier than everyone else the first day and were able to pick the perfect camping spot and go swimming in the hot springs!! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUNNNN!!!!

Alyse sharing her bull snake

We really enjoyed spending time with family. All the kids ran around together in groups and caught bugs while the adults cooked, talked and played games.

Each family was responsible for 1 meal- it worked out very well.

Grant :) Love this kid!

This reunion was at Downata Springs- There were 5 water slides- These two were AWESOME! Alyse and Grant went with their dad countless times. They went down before he did. They are so funny sometimes- so brave. Alyse had to convince me that it was going to be okay and that it wasn't too scary.


I got some SUN!

So did she!

Ladder golf anyone?

Dustin, Grandma Garner, Ella, Heidi, Kennedy, Roger and Trish. (From left to right)

The rest of Trish, Heather, child, Grandpa Garner, Chelsea, CLAIRE!!

Wish I had taken some pics of swimming, but I was too busy enjoying it all. The pool was amazing and our while family wants to go back next summer!

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Anonymous said...

Great trip! Everyone is tons taller - Bring me my babies!!
--Gma Cathryn