Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Summer Adventures 2013

We have had SUCH a GREAT SUMMER!! We've been busy exploring our surroundings and appreciating all forms of nature. I cant say how priceless our camera has been and how grateful I am that we have pictures to remember all of our Adventures! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed being there! (I don't have pictures from our 1st adventure yet on this computer)

Adventure #2 Sage Hen Reservoir

Alyse and Grant love to explore and climb as well. There were HUGE rocks here to climb and they had a really good time.

We had just read a book on poisonous snakes the week before and she was a little intimidated with the reality that snakes do live under rocks near water. She had a great time, but was also very cautious.

Claire and Momma hanging out on the rocks. Claire wanted to get in the river- she kept saying "bath". I don't think so Claire.. haha

This was the hiking portion on our trip- Grant loves to pack all the emergency supplies. He's going to be a fantastic Boy Scout! (Even though 100% of band aides were used on HIM.)

My boys - I love them!!



Taking pictures of things to research later

Oh Claire... You are such a cutie

LOVE this expression- He thought he saw sharks in the reservoir.. (Time to get a book on Sharks at the Library...)

So happy

Alyse tries to catch every bug that crosses her path- we are constantly checking out bug books from the Library
 Adventure #3 Twin Falls Temple and Shoshone Falls
Twin Falls Temple looks just like the one in Rexburg! It is beautiful!

Careful Alyse!

Walking down to the Falls

This girl :)

We found a little waterfall

Follow the leader

Down near the falls there were beautiful grassy areas to run around in and we ended up eating out lunch under BIG trees like this one

Scary hole. No one spent too much time hanging around this one... Looked big enough to be a home for a fox.

TOTALLY COOL to see all the roots on this tree

We all took turns rolling down the hill

Even DAD!! Took him a while to recover


This is really gorgeous!

Busy playing with the rescue rope

Family picture!!

Alyse has something- wonder what it could be... any ideas?

A bug!

They remembered how fun it was climbing rocks last week!

From the top down
My family is awesome!!

Adventure #4 Camping and hiking Lucky Peak area

Great camping site right??

Such a great place!

Adventure #5 Kuna Caves and Barber Park

Adventure #6 Humane Society and Cabela's

Adventure #7

Adventure #8  Huckleberries

Adventure #9

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Cathryn said...

This is fabulous! So many sweet shots of all the kids and such great landscapes showing the beautiful places you visit! You are giving your children priceless memories, thanks for sharing them with Grandma!!