Friday, February 1, 2013


Alyse is very interested in helping in the kitchen and has started to make her own snack trays! This is one that she put together a few weeks ago! Look how happy she is! :)

Alyse wears this headband in her hair as often as she can- along with her blue bow shirt Gma bought her for Christmas.

Here she has loaded up her backpack to take a long trip- to the backyard.

Blue shirt

Favorite blue shirt...

A friend of our commented to me today that she doesn't think she's ever seen Alyse when she isnt wearing a tutu or skirt... I said that I feel the same way.
Alyse has been busy planning a Valentine party for her friends lately. She kows exactly what games and treats she wants and who is coming. She talks about it everyday.
She has helped bake and decorate sugar cookies to give to a friend of our who recently had surgery.
We spend 2 hours a day reading and doing school together. She usually pays close attention and quickly absorbes everything I am trying to teach her- which makes it fun for both of us.
This girl keeps me on my toes, I always have to have something for her to do and create. We are constantly pinning pictures and school work to the fridge, just to take it down and replace it with something else the next morning!
I love you Alyse! You are amazing!

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