Friday, November 18, 2011

Having too much fun

I've been looking on pinterest lately to find some fun things for my kids to do- I found these great ideas a few days ago and decided that I needed to make them!!

Alyse loves to help me bake- so I made her some felt cupcakes that she could mix and match

My favorite part are the sprinkles!! Totally fun!

This smile makes it ALL worth the 2 hours spent in Idaho Falls comparing prices on felt...

I made Alyse and Grant their own pond of fish and fishing poles- Grant especially has been a little obsessive about turning random items around the house into fishing poles... Mainly our old cell phone chargers and computer cords... 

There is velcro at the bottom of the pole that sticks to the fishies

I used a plastic kid hanger for the pole and hot glued a ribbon to the end of it- It works pretty well , I would suggest also adding a weight to the ribbon, to make it easier to catch a fish...

These are all the things I put together for my kids today

They each have a binder of laminated coloring sheets

Alyse's binder is mainly numbers and tracing

Grants is colors and shapes- I found some great dry erase crayons which I think are THE COOLEST!!

The crayons come with an erasing mitt- the crayons stay on the pages better than the markers would and they don't smell bad like the markers do

I took this play-doh box and cut it in half for each of my kids. I added another handle to the other side, and added lids. These boxes hold all of their cool activities.

I always loved these!

Cotton balls to push through the holes in the box... eh- could be fun, who knows


Mr. and Mrs. Potato head- The cool thing is that I can always make more clothing for these guys when they get bored with them... I glued Mr. and Mrs. to cardboard so that they would be sturdy.

This is called the button snake... I didn't have any buttons for the head, but this is kinda fun... The felt pieces slide onto the ribbon- the kids can choose which color combination they want and its really great for eye hand coordination and creativity! I would love any more suggestions for similar crafts/ activities I can do for these guys! This is too much fun!

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