Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girls Night- Thanksgiving Dinner!

I love everything about Thanksgiving! I love the excuse to cook large amounts of food and try new recipes! I love the friends and family, and just the all-around happy glow of the holiday season. I bought myself a magazine from the grocery store last week- the 'Holiday Special'- and I've been carrying it around with me and trying to find reasons to make some of these recipes! Last night we had a girls night where we all pitched in to bring a dish to our own Thanksgiving dinner. It was a blast!
Cutting up the Apples for the Apple, leek and bacon stuffing!!

Mushrooms, Celery, Leeks... and BACON 

Apples, Garlic and Heavy Cream... This recipe is AMAZING!!!

While cooking I had to get the monkey down from the storage shelves... His favorite place to play

Thawing the squash for my mock pumpkin pie!

The stuffing!! It tastes as good as it looks!!

Here is my pretty girl helping her momma in the kitchen

Helping me make the crust pretty

Way to go baby girl!!

Pie in the oven!

All done

Mashed potatoes

Look at the lovely spread

Candied Yams!

I made especially sure there was lots of Martinellies... :)

We had deviled eggs, rolls and a cranberry- walnut salad!! Too Yummy

Some friends talking before the dinner began

Cinthia and Holly

Jessica, Jenny and Michelle

We had a good time going around the table telling fun stories and embarrassing moments... man were there some funny stories...


This was such a fun thing to do- it was A LOT of work, but I hope to be able to do this again when I have a bigger table! That may be a while. Thanks Holly for letting us use your home!!

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Josh and Tiff said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun and lots of yummy food.