Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running Update and babies!!

This is my second week of training!! I feel that I am doing better!! EVEN THOUGH I biffed it and almost sprained my ankle today running down the street..... good thing no one was driving by! I have a little scratch on my calf from merciless gravel particles, but I think I will survive. I ran a total of 15 miles last week, this week I am scheduled to run 14!! Next week it's 17 miles though- so I dont get much of a break! I have lost 1 pound! lol.... i know you are all so proud of me. I am. BUT I am feeling so much more confident in myself and I am really hoping that this effort I am putting in to become healthier will eventually help me to lose around 20 of the pounds of baby weight I am carrying around! (Yes, mainly in my bra).

If anyone is reading this, please let me know so that I have added motivation to continue training for this 1/2 marathon and blogging my experience!!

3 miles tomorrow!!

I really dont like JUST blogging about me- there are lots of things I could tell you about my children that are way more entertaining anyways!! Alyse is growing so much lately, she and I went for a walk around the FaRRm the other day and I took her down to see the goats, I looked away for literally 2 seconds and she began to crawl UNDER the fence on her belly in order to give the goats kisses!! I almost had a heart attack- luckily these goats eat grass and not little girls. She is adventurous and full of energy!

Grant is getting soo chunky because he loves to EAT!!! He feeds himself pretty well and he is getting so much closer to crawling!! He also laughs alot at anything his sister does. They are so cute together and love each other so much! I loooooove them!

Jeremiah is working until 5 M-F, but when he is home we love to spend time with him. He is a great provider and takes good care of us! Love you Jermy-Miah!!


chelbear said...

I am reading, and I am so proud of you! I was going to run a 1/2 marathon last year, but then I read that it an be hard on reproductive organs and since we are trying to get pregnant and we already have problems I decided to stop training. You are making me want to start running again though. Maybe I will start training again soon and we can both run a 1/2 this year! Keep up the good work!

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

Thanks Chelsea!!