Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello to all

Yah- its been a while since I've posted any pictures- The cord to my laptop (the computer i blog from and download my pictures onto) is broken and my comp. doesn't turn on w/ out it! So lets pretend that I have TONS of pictures from Christmas, and our trip to Challis Idaho.... Playing in the snow... Grant attempting to crawl and Alyse playing with puppies. I will eventually post these pictures. :)

We are doing really well in Washington! We have been here since the end of Dec and will be here until early April. I have started running 2-3 miles a day with Laura Lopez- we are planning on running a half marathon together in a few months! 12 miles people... 12. I am pretty excited about it because I have recently began enjoying my runs! They aren't as taxing on my breathing as they used to be and I love how I feel afterwards. Anyone have any running tips?? My knees have been a little sore, but I think I know a few ways to get past that. (proper running technique being one of them) ;) wish me luck


The Himmer Family said...

correction... 13.1 miles :) haha- you'll love it! are you doing the one in Wenatchee? we did that one last year, its fun, in a painful kind of way, haha

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

Wonderful... add another mile! Thanks lol jk

Ashley said...

that's so cool. i really want to start running but just dont' know how to get started and i dont' want to look like an idiot out in the neighborhood running around. lol. maybe i'll start on a treadmill in the privacy of the clubhouse.
go you for the half marathon! that'll be such an accomplishment.