Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny Kids!!

When Alyse and I were getting ready for church- Grant barfed all over our bed! eww!! Thanks dad for taking such a cute picture of our son!
Alyses hair is getting soo long- i am able to do fun things with it!!

I love that Alyse likes to dance!! She is so cute!!


Nathan & Katelyn said...

Alyse looks like she belongs in Hawaii doing the hula dance! :) oh, and cute barf! JK

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

that video is hilarious. She is too cute and getting so big! plus, i want her hair.

Cathryn said...

That is sooo cute and curious!! She must watch Jeremiah dancing to learn all those moves!!

Albright said...

That girl is crazy! She can really move! I love that hairstyle too! lol!

The Gould Family said...

She IS SO cute!! Her dance made me laugh out loud! I love how fancy you get w/ her hair... wanna come teach me how to do cute stuff w/ Ryley's??? lol.

Cathryn said...

From: Aunt Cathryne
That is so funny i love the part when you shake your hips around and put your hand on your head. I love you

Aunt Cathryne