Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching Up!!

This Blog Post is just a TON of things that I need to catch up on! We went back to WA for the 6 week break and had a chance to take a family trip to Seattle!! We had a blast! Then I have some cute pics of when I visted my BFF Robin and her baby Calvinin Utah

 this last weekend!! Some awesome pastries I baked and... of course I threw in a few fun pics of Alyse!! Just cuz she's cute... 

Strawberry and cream cheese pinwheels!!  

Soooo yummy! 
It looks burnt- I know.... its not though
Pretty Pretty!! This is a Danish coffee cake! 
Display case itching to be filled!! These pastries took my HOURS to make!! They are for tonight when we celebrate the new season of THE OFFICE!! 

TRIP TP UTAH - Robin and I had suuuch a good time visiting together!! It'd been too long!!
She has such a cute baby!! 
Grant is yawning in all these pictures! lol...
Dont ask...

We think we're pretty funny
Especially Robin


They were soo tired once we got off the Ferry! This picture was taken right before this lady asked us for money and a cop had to run her off... Seattle is scary!!
On the Ferry.. the pics are a little out of order!! What a cute husband I have!

Alyse really wanted to hold her brother in the stroller
This girl was dancing like a maniac, but Alyse thought she was cool...
View from the ferry ride!!

Wall of fish at the Seattle Aquarium!

Larger view

My baby loved the fishies

These were little tidepools that you could put your hands in and touch the starfish and anenomes! It had a tide and everything!! It was neat.

"Ring of Life" These jelly fish float in a current and you get to stand in this ring and watch them!

Another view

HUUUUGE Oyster! This ones for you DAD! :)

Octupus! We missed the feeding, but it was still cool to see this wierdo

I want a SEAHORSE!! 
These fish were in the ceiling as we walked down a hall in the aquarium! So neat!




Pretty fish

She loved seeing the fish

more fish

more of my cute little girl!  THE END OF OUR SEATTLE TRIP!! 

 AT GRANDMA'S HOUSE!! Jeremiah decided to do Alyse's hair like this because I refused to upon his request... Maybe YOU understand why I said no... 

I love this little girl- even though she has silly hair

When I look at this picture it gives me the urge to blow her hair out of her face... I almost just blew at the computer screen.. 


I love her crooked smile! and her big blue eyes!!  

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The Gould Family said...

susan keeps telling me how blonde alyse is now, i couldn't picture it really--but she's adorable no matter what her hair color is. I wonder if she'll stay blonde for a while now then?!???
Your family is so cute!