Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pick'n Pumpkins

While my family was here, we were able to go to Linder Farms here in Boise!! They have everything!! Pumpkins, corn mazes, tractor rides, horse rides, zipline, bouncy houses-- EVERYTHING!! We had a great time!!

Here is the childrens straw maze
Cathryne and Tsia

Alyse and Grant loved the swing ride!! As Grant went around we all leaned in to give him a high five!!

Before it got dark we decided to go into the corn maze, this was fun. Jeremiah let Alyse and Grant decide which way to go and we all had fun watching them run around

"this way!"

Grandpa kept Claire and Grandma warm.

Claire was sooo happy and fun the whole trip!!

I love her baby face!!

Isn't this the coolest picture? Thank you very much.

After the corn maze, and Grandpa going down the zipline we spend the remainder of our time getting warm by the bonfire! It was a fantastic evening! Soon I will post pictures of the pumpkins Jerm and Seth found! :)

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Shandra said...

I love Linder Farms! Claire is a little doll, so beautiful!