Thursday, June 14, 2012

Splash Park!!

Claire in the swing for the first time!! (this is the actual swing Alyse had her first swing in at this age)

Watching the kids from the shade with Claire and her fav toy!

"I love you!"

Happy to be outside!!

I love this picture!!

These are my daughters!! So sweet

Alyse getting ready to play in the cold water!!

kinda zoning out here....

and here

but still so dang cute!

Reagan and Kennedy came along to play

Grant does his own thing- he is no follower that is for sure

Alyse and the girls getting a drink of water

Grant chillin

Silly girls


Grant hanging out at the end of a water slide

The girls decide Grant is pretty cool and decide to join him

You rock little man!!

And a few more pics...

Im soo good
I cant wait to have Grant and Alyse's b-day party here! Its going to be a blast!!

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Albright said...

Alyse is so beautiful!!!! And I love that picture of Grant chillin on the towel! How sweet that Claire has her first swing were Alyse did!