Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Waiting for their BIG SUPRISE!!



They were sooo excited and suprised. I got a few videos I'll have to post on youtube.

Later at the park we set up the shade and some chairs and let the kids play!



Audrina and Russ

Mada-dee and Claire my little princess

B-day "cake"
Getting some sunscreen and suits on!

Tiffany is due next month! She looks so cute!

Alora!! Thanks for coming!

I was handing out juice boxes and cupcakes as fast as I could!


We brought the stomp rocket Gma and Gpa Hofeling gave Grant for his bday!
ALLLL the boys within a 100 ft radius came over for a turn!

Opening some more presents

Holly holding the baby girl!! :)

We had a really good time! We have plans to meet back up at the splash park in July sometime!! YAY!! Cant wait!

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