Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Adventure to Moody Meadows

Yesterday we took the family on an Adventure!!

We went to Moody Meadows, it was quite beautiful!



hehe... see? Isn't he handsome. (yes) We let the kids decide which path we took on our adventure
Jeremiah was totally a kid again :)
You go Grant!!

This is the main view of Moody Meadows- we plan to come camping here sometime this summer
We are super daring

Alyse plays her harmonica to calm her nerves

Daddy helped the kids across to safety

So sweet- they survived
J offered to help me across, but I couldn't have gotten a picture if he had... so.... I also survived
We found our first tree fort and pulled out stick to make it more 'Homey'

haha... exactly what I was thinkin Grant :)

Tree fort finished

Now I dont have to wonder where grants stick obsession comes from


Hi sweetie

Having a good time!!

We love these kids!

Alyse and Grant having a very important discussion

Another cool tree fort

baby Claire fell asleep! This is what she does best on family adventures!!

Back in the meadows after our adventure! See how they love me?

I love Grants face

I love Alyse's face

Wish I could see more of Claires face...

Now our computer background.... because DANG! I could live here!

This was our tree adventure!! We pulled the bark back and found found bugs and termites
Sick- can you see the larve? sick.

They loved the tree

Showing them how to tell how old a tree is by its rings. this tree is 12- because thats how high they can count...
Timon and Pumba cracked the sucker open to find more goodies- oh how I wish Grant were wearing his lion hat in this picture.... (you can decide who is timon and who is pumba for yourself) haha

THEN!!!! We saw a mouse!!!! living under the tree!!!

They ran to catch it!

It ran all over and so did my family... They didn't catch it in the end, they could've but they were too afraid to touch it... sheesh...
 We had a pretty fun day. I didn't post the pictures of the ride home and our jeeping expedition, but they were fun and I got some beautiful pictures! We are planning on going camping next weekend, so I will have more pictures to post then!! :)

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