Monday, May 7, 2012

Challis for a week!!

Love the flower headband from Grandma!

Sunday after church

I wanna kiss those lips!

In Challis- Alyse has her Grandpa. We love Grandpa

Just hanging out, smothering Noelle...

My Momma!

Cathryne loves baby Claire

Really, everyone loves baby Claire- Whats not to love??

Doing a puzzle gma brought for the kiddos

Very cool!

baby Claire napping with Gpa

She woke up once I entered the room...

My handsome husband- Fishing behind Paul and Dotties house in Challis!

Miss Tsia Ilyse! I braided her hair so I had to get a picture!

This is the day after, so its not as tight, but we all loooove this braid!

Grant in Gma's hat and shoes....
Little Man
My sweet parents. I dont know what I would do without both of them.
I love you two!!

Coming home from Challis I HAD to stop and take this picture!! Too beautiful!

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JM Inc. said...

Such fun pictures! I need to learn to braid like that!