Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just some fun! Family Date contin...

Jeremiah thought it would be fun to bring the kids here to play!!

This place was huuuge!! He was right! We had a great time!!

There were 3 ball pits

and a ton of tubes for the kids to explore

Exploring.... see?
This is her 'im having so much fun' face.... Okay...., maybe its her 'mom, i smiled, can i go play now?' face...

Do you remember playing in the ball pit? I do... so much fun

Also a little creepy when you are standing watching your kids play and a random
child  surfaces that you've  never seen before...

Claire is always delightful to have along for the ride!!

Hi sweetie!! Eventually she fell asleep in daddy's arms

The one place where throwing balls at other kids is acceptable
Grant is in heaven!!!

Alyse being a creepy kid...
where did she go?


look at that cute little tongue!!

helppp!! kind of a interesting family photo....

THIS was sooooo much fun!! They were trying to see how many kids could ride at once.
They had such a fun time- they eventually fit 6 kids on the zipline!!



5 kids!! The crash at the bottom was so funny- The kids all go flying...

Alyse found the jackpot!!






outfit #4 was her favorite...

Add a hat and you've got one happy little girl (and possibly lice...)

We had such a fun night!!

We'll be going back I am sure of it!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! I am going to have to take the boys there.