Friday, February 17, 2012

She's here!!

Claire Noelle Voss is here!!

Born Feb 15, 2012   12:20am

8 pounds 7 ounces   20 inches long

She's perfect

Me, SO glad the delivery is over!!

Gimme that baby!!

Jeremiah so excited to finally see her!

Father of 3!! What a stud

So happy!

She looks so much like Alyse did!!

It was too bright for baby girl

A little blurry, but Alyse was soooo sweet and excited to hold her sister

Same with Grant :)

I love my family!!

Grant got a little bored of the baby and spent the rest of his time pushing buttons on my bed...

And calling everyone to spread the good news

Grandma Smith and baby Claire!! :)

Alyse and Claire have matching hair clips :)

This was SOO cute! Alyse got to use the stethoscope to listen to her sisters heartbeat. She LOVED it and was very content

My little sister Alexus came and stayed with me in the hospital! Thanks for coming lexi!

Claire had A LOT of visitors on her b-day! I wish I got pictures of everyone that came. It was good to see my friends from Shelley! Thanks for driving all the way to see us and for your kindness and smiles! :)

Claire and I had to stay 48 hours in the hospital, and dad came home every night to take care of bedtime with Alyse and Grant- so when I got home I was SICK of laying down and J was all too happy to nap with baby Claire!!

My resting place :) I finally have a baby to fill the empty spaces!


Anonymous said...

Britt, you look sooo good! your baby is SO cute, and so are your other babies! I luv u! Tsia

Albright said...

How exciting to finally have Claire here! I love all the hair. I think she looks like Alyse too! I hope that everything went well, you look amazing! I miss you and hope that you recover quickly! Enjoy that baby!

Cathryn said...

Elasti-girl! You just bounce right back after giving birth! You look terrific 10 minutes after delivery! WOW!
Claire is darling-looks like you!
J looks very happy and like a seasoned daddy!
Grant playing with the buttons -HaHa- of course he would! What a sweetie, and Alyse looks like she will fill her roll as "little Mommy" with a lot of love.
Love to you all--and kisses!

Brett and Cherice said...

She is beautiful! Congrats! So happy for you guys:)