Monday, January 23, 2012

Goings-on in the last 3 weeks or so...

We were having a movie night and half-way through the movie I realized Grant had fallen asleep. :)

He's such a SWEETHEART! (when he's sleeping haha.. jk, sort of) I ended up cuddling with my sleeping boy the rest of the movie- I miss holding him, he's always moving when he's awake!!

Dad's car needed a tune-up after our excursion to WA. It was about 15 degrees out, but as you can see- still no snow. Well, this was about 2 weeks ago- we have snow NOW.

Grant LOVES anything that involves tools and his dad using them

YAY!! She got to ride her bike outside!!

Little Lion

Showing Alyse exactly where the problem is...


Eventually they found the neighbors skateboard and took turns pushing each other around on it ;) They are so cute!

We had Alyse's friend Tristan come over for a play date- they sat quietly and read books together for at least 15 minutes... It was pretty awesome!!

Saturday night we went bowling with the Smith family and Megan and Nathaniel! Alyse and Grant got their own lane and had a BLAST!!

Alyse was soo excited! She was doing all sorts of victory dances!! She got 2 strikes, but as long as she hit a few pins she was happy!!

Hi-5 time!! Carter and Grant

"Look Momma!"

They shared the pink ball for a long time until Grant decided he really wanted a more manly colored ball and went with the HEAVY green one instead...

We even got to see Baby Daniel! These pictures are all so blurry, but I was most upset that the close up I took of Daniel didn't turn out well- he is SUPER handsome!! Maybe its that dark skin and BLUE eyes. We really like him :)

Daddy and Alyse waiting their turns :) Alyse and Grant were sooo good at taking turns, they each would bowl and then yell " Its your turn Alyse (or Grant)" as they sat down on the chair to watch the other bowl. Such good kids :)

Blurry again- but here are the Twins! We all had a good time together- Alyse wants to go bowling for her 4th B-day!! ;)

And... saving the best for last:

Ice Ice Babies...

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