Monday, August 29, 2011

3 New posts!!

What a stud! Grant has been potty training lately, hence the underwear...

Playing in the the water with Celeste and Chase.. and the scooter

Tickle tickle tickle... :)

Hey Guys!!

They love the park!!

Especially this thing that makes me nauseated just watching them on it..

Alyse Mae

I tried to get a pic of Grant holding this zucchini from our garden , but he kept dropping it! This thing is HUGE!

Riding bikes!


Playgroup at the park!!

Alyse was too excited about her new running shoes!!

Alot has been going on this summer... Our garden is in its final stages and has kept us BUSY! I am now tryingot figure out how to actually use and preserve allll of this fresh produce for later in the year... So far I have canned green beans and made a zucchini crisp (tastes the same as an apple crisp) and a squash pie... which is just like a pumpkin pie!! I think I am going to can the mashed squash for pies later in the year- We loved it! I am also going to can pickled beets, and prob. some meat and a few other things I haven't fully decided on yet.

We are prepping our home for another baby- putting alot of clutter in storage and we just pulled my maternity clothes out last night! I had to wash them all and now I feel like this pregnancy is official! I am wearing my maternity jeans today and can I just tell you how much BETTER my belly feels..? Much better...

Jeremiah just got set apart as the 1st counselor inthe Young Mens and will now be gone Tuesday nights for mutual. He is very excited for the opportunity to serve in the Young Mens.

We are all doing really well and having a fun summer-  I am canning this week... and I will be making some wheat bread! No more store bought bread for us! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the produce I can and the bread! I am loving learning these new skills!


Me and My Boys said...

That is not Grant, I didn't even recognize him. You have the Cutest Kids! Nice Zuc by the way, I'm sure that made some tasty bread.

Albright said...

I cannot believe how BIG Grant is!! He looks so grown up! And Alyse is beautiful!