Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures soon to follow!!

i finally ordered a power cord for my laptop!! It should be here next week so that I can post pictures!!

A little update on the fam...
Jeremiah- is working and learning a bunch of new cooking techiniques! He is very good at cooking with white wine and we have enjoyed a few very tasty dishes- mostly they include chicken, white sauce, romano cheese and mushrooms... need I say more??
Brittany- I am still running every day- 20 miles last week and my goal is to run at least 20 this week so far I have run 10 miles this week and I still have 3 days of the week left! Im pretty proud of myself!
Alyse- Full of energy and VERY independent. She is such a love and is a very kind little girl, she loves to be outside and pick up the chickens at Gma's house- she's not afraid of anything.
Grant- has been teething lately and has two bottom teeth to show for it! He is crawling all over the place. His favorite thing right now is the vacuum... not sure why- its also the one thing that scares him the most... He loves Alyse and is always happy to see her. He claps his hands and gives her a big smile!!

Thats all for now! Pictures next week!!

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