Thursday, June 4, 2009

Any Advice??

We are 38 weeks pregnant at the end of this week! It's hard to think that I am going to have a little infant in my arms in 2 short weeks... I am SOO excited, but also a little nervous about how I am going to take care of two little ones! Alyse has been around little babies before and she LOVES them- she wants to hold them and touch their faces and when I don't let her touch the baby (because she might be too rough) she gets pretty upset... Hopefully having my family here to distract her will help us to ease into this transition... Anyone have any advice about how to have two babies and still be a good mom?? I'm nervous that Alyse will feel like she has been replaced and that breaks my heart!! 


JeSsIe and Alma said...

I dont have two kids but i have heard a lot of advice about this subject.

One thing that i heard really works and i have seen a couple times, is toddlers are so interested in babies and want to be around them, so when you bring your baby home, let her hold him.(on her lap with your help of course)

Once she has actually held him, she wont be so curious and will be more interested in other things, she got her curiosity out of her system by holding him.

When mothers are constantly telling the toddler to stay clear or not get to close, or never allow them to hold the new addition to their family, it becomes something that they are not allowed to do so they want to do it more.

Just some advice. Again, i dont have two kids but i have seen this work before. I am sure you probably already thought of doing this.

Good luck you are going to make a great mom of two! and we are so excited for you!

Cathryn said...

OOOoohh--asking for me to give you advice?? (Or is this question for everyone BUT Mom?) ;-)

Nathan & Katelyn said...

So since I'm in the same boat as you, I'm just going to steal the advice that everyone gives you and use it for myself. ;-)

On a side note, I've been reading some books on this, and something they clearly point out is that when both kids are crying: go to the older one. I guess because the older one will remember when Mommy attended to someone else before them, and the little one will be clueless. As far as feeding... I'm nervous about that. I know when as soon as I try to feed Logan, Ethan will probably climb on top of me and all over me. I guess we'll see what happens with that. Good Luck, I hope your little guy comes first so you can tell me ALL about it and give me the advice!

Cathryn said...

I love you Britta!!! I miss you SOOO much!!! Don't have Grant before we get there!!!LOL! I want to be there with my niece and nephew!!!! give Alyse a big hug and a slobbery kiss for me!!;-)
LOve ya!

janabake said...

make sure you give ALyse plenty of attention too! it's a little harder since she is a lot younger than Shazer was; he was a little more prepared and knew there was going to be a new baby int he house. we always talked about how we were going to go to the hospital to get the baby out of mommy's belly, then she was going to come home with us. so for the last few weeks he kept asking for the baby to come home! one thing a friend of mine suggested was if your older one gets jealous while you are nursing, use that as a book time for her. so every time you need to nurse, have her pick a book so you can read together so she's still getting attention and feeding the baby isn't a bad thing taking away attention. good luck with the baby, I hope Alyse adjusts well! let me know if you need any help with anything!!!