Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trip thru Yellowstone

Buffalo Bill himself was cruisin' down the highway
I guess Buffalo Bill sets the standard for all the Buffalo in the area. We were waiting for them to get out of the way for over 30 minutes... We never got very close to them- but I was a little afraid for the people who were right next to them because there are warning signs ALL OVER the park that warn against getting closer than 25 ft to them because they have and will chase you if they feel intimidated. There were some running across the road and there were also a few babies in the mix- it was REALLY lucky for these people who were out there walking around. (Dummies...)

This ones for my mom!! (This wasn't actually IN Yellowstone) This was just before entering and the owner was switching the horses to a different field across the street. It was SO COOL to see them all running like that though...


Gma said...

Thanks for this I do love it! If I was there we probably would have stopped and watched them for a while. we will definitely have to make a trip with the kids!

Albright said...

Haha! Those people were dummies...buffalo aren't even that exciting!