Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

I have been going through pictures of Alyse when she was a baby and of course Alyse loves to see the pictures and videos of herself! At first she would tell me they were pictures of baby Claire- but she is thrilled whenever I tell her "nope- that's my baby Alyse!!" She is very aware that we are about to have a baby girl, and I know she's excited for a little sister, but she's also a little worried. I hope that we can make the transition an easy one for her once her little sister arrives!

look at this sweet little baby girl!

When Alyse was born I got to spend every hour of every day admiring her and watching her grow!

Just the two of us while Daddy was at school!!


You will always be my special girl- I love you Alyse!!


Cathryn said...

Wow! That seems so long ago! She was sooo little!
You have ben playing with the background of your blog--it's very cute.

Me and My Boys said...

She was the cutest baby and that hair was to die for :) Can't wait to see the next cute baby you guys cook up!

Anonymous said...

She had so much hair! I hope my future girl has lots of hair...