Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last but not least...

Halloween Day:  After a whole weekend of Halloween festivities, we were not taking our kids ANYWHERE without a   nice. long. nap.

When she woke up we did wash the red paint off of her cheeks and out of her hair from earlier in the day

We went to Jeremiah's family house and crashed their ward Trunk-or-Treat!

Aunt Kennedy showing Alyse the ropes!!

Alyse ditched her brother, so Jerm and I made sure he got some candy too!

The Loot

One car was making SCONES!!

They were pretty TASTY!!

The kids made their rounds and were done within 20 minutes... It was cold and they had enough candy! We went back to Heidi and Rogers and all spent the evening together eating chili, watching movies and playing Settlers of Catan!! (And of course eating CANDY!!)

Alyse enjoying her CANDY!! Which we have now hidden, hoping that the crying fits will soon come to an end. Halloween is fun, but we are glad it is OVER! :)

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Audrina said...

That sounds like such a fun day! I love Halloween!