Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keeping busy

There's not much to do as winter approaches. Alyse really does like to read in her rocking chair. We keep all of her Library books in this drawer for her.

Hi Sweetie!!!

Eating lunch! Another pass-time...

She made her own sandwich. A toaster strusel, cheese and a PB&J

She got tired of it really fast... Yuck!

We also play trains! I say "WE" because usually I make the train track and they destroy it- so its always a group effort.

This boy will NOT keep his clothes on! Believe me I try... Its about time to invest in some more duct tape!!

Handsome man

We love these kids!!

We also put Grant in the bath ALOT. Mainly to entertain him... but also because he's always getting into things he shouldn't or peeing his pants. Fun!! Does anyone have any fun ideas for inside winter activities?? I think I need to invest in some more craft supplies- I think thats is a good outlet for kids who cant go outside to play as often as they are used to

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