Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Lords Way

So... We found out last Friday that Jeremiah no longer has a job- we knew that he might be losing his job, so it wasn't a real shocker when it was finalized. The funny thing about this change in our life is that we do not feel worried- nor do we know what the future holds... When we decided to follow the promptings of the Spirit and try for another baby it was only a month before we found out that J might be without a job soon. We know that if we had waited to get pregnant, baby Claire would prob. have to wait to come to earth for at least another year. We feel like we have been led to this point for a reason- and we are optimistic! Jeremiah has been offered a job for a couple weeks from his Uncle who owns a construction business- so that has been a blessing. Meanwhile we are applying to jobs and schools. Keep us in your prayers- we hope to have a job by the time Claire comes! That is the goal, but you never know what the Lord has in mind- and the Lord's way is always the best way.


Anonymous said...

I find you pretty amazing Brittany, I would totally be a mess I think if Russ lost a job. You are such an example of how we should trust in the Lord

Kelly said...

So sorry Britt. We will keep you guys in our prayers.

On a positive note, I bet Alyse and Grant are so excited about the baby coming.

Jeff and Lauren said...

Sorry to hear that! Jeff's situation might be similar soon. Let me ask Jeff to see if we can get any information about jobs for you guys!