Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun Family Outings are FUN!!

Minnie Mouse!!

She loved her nose and whiskers!

Look! it's THE Buzz Lightyear!!

His wings are too cool!!

minnie and buzz slllowly making their way to the trunk-or-treat

We walked past the trunk-or-treat and quickly learned that we would have to wait in a 2-3 hour line just to participate... i think not!

dad fixing minnie's ears! can you see the line in the background? I didn't get a very good picture- but this line was 1/2 of a mile long!

He was trying to move the bench...

She wanted to get some candy... Poor deprived child.. She was very sad hen we told her we were not going to wait in that line...

We had fun people watching and looking at the pretty river-front instead!

See... we're having fun!


also CUTE

More fun

Ont he way back to the car Grant pointed out ALL of the dinosaurs (or dragons) and wanted to meet them all personally.

Then we met the minions...

They were awesome!


Grant wanted to fish for a while...

We took a quick trip to WalMart and bought our poor children some candy and a loaf of bread and came HERE!!

To feed the geese!

There was only one goose that looked like this. He was my fav.

J wanted a picture of the goose taking the bread out of his hand.

I scattered the candy on the grass for Alyse and Grant to pick up and put in their bags.

Alyse thought this was really cool!! (cuz it was)

Grant couldn't care less...

He was having fun throwing bread and rocks in the water...

he got a little too excited about the geese and got a little wet

All in all is was a really fun night!! More pictures to come because halloween is NOT over yet... Tonight we are headed to the Tauphus Park Zoo for lights , trick-or-treating, animals, and a costume contest!! THEN Sunday we are carving pumpkins... and then ON Halloween Day we will be crashing my in-laws trunk-or-treat ward party!! :) Fun Fun!!


Sarah Crump said...

Your family is growing up so fast! Alyse and Grant are so cute! I love their costumes. You are Jerm are such great parents. Thanks for being a great example.

Anonymous said...

They look so cute in their costumes

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

thanks guys! I love dressing them up! Tomorrow will be the best of all! Ward trunk-or-treat!!