Monday, October 31, 2011

'Boo at the Zoo' and carving pumpkins!!

We got to go to the 'Boo at the Zoo' event in Idaho Falls on Saturday- the line to get in wasn't so bad, because we got there pretty much when they opened, but it was SUPER crowded!!

We finally got in and were able to see the animals and get candy from the booths they had set up around the park!


People were waiting in lines to get candy from the booths, but they didn't have to... People would get into lines without knowing what they were in line for... We'd ask " what is this line for?" and they would shrug their shoulders... so we walked past them, let Alyse get some candy and move on our way. I just thought it was a little strange to sit in a line for a half an hour to get 1 piece of candy...

a booth

Another Buzz!

The giraffe had gotten out of his cage!!!!

There were a lot of great Halloween decorations

Grant thought the giraffe was too cool!!



zebra butt

We also saw Homer...

and some other wierd people in costumes

Snow leopard

The lion was awake!!

Of course Grant had climb and  jump off of something

"You found Waldo... but have you found Jesus?" I had to get a picture of this...

Carving our pumpkins!!

Grant ready to scoop out all the guts

Alyse hardly touched the yucky innards.... She used her spoon, never her hand

Dad was going to do a haunted ship. See my cool Ghost??

Its pretty cool- AND scary..

J decided that this was taking too long.....

So he ended up making a scary face instead

BOO!!! Tonight we are going to go trunk-or-treating!!! More pics to come!!  


Cathryn said...

Great job on the punkin Britt!
Love all the photos--you must have a new camera!!
My babies are the cutest!

Brittany Alyse Voss said...

haha... thanks! I am loving this camera!!