Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New home and Christmas pictures

 Living Room (sorry the lighting in these pics is really bad!!)

We have ALL our books out now and Jerm built a shelf to hold movies and games!!

The shelf is above the TV

He did a great job!

KITCHEN!! I LOVE the Island and the lighting

Oh- and the granite countertops.... :)

Dining area

Their is storage outside and we have a partially fenced backyard

Food storage next to the fridge, I like being able to see what I have to work with

From left to right.. Our bedroom, master sink, and the 3rd room is the shower and washer and dryer

Our first side-by-side washer dryer since we have been married!! There's so much space in the washer!! I cant believe it!! :)

2nd sink in the 3rd section of the bathroom (across from the toilet)

Jeremiah also made a rack for coats in the hall closet (HUGE crawl space below)



Alyse loved her "Jacket hat"

She loved her gifts!

Cute kid and his barn animals

Grants new blanket

To match the one I made Alyse!


So soft

This is a man quilt...

Grants Barn

2 of the 9 beanbag balls I made Grant

Snacks for my family while I made Christmas Dinner!!

The meat did not last long... Alyse and Grant scarfed the whole 'Dan the Sausage man' Sausage!!

beanbag froggie

Side view

Upclose of our tree and my special Ornaments. My Grandma and Grandpa Lakner have given me one every Christmas since I was born!! I LOVE and CHERISH them!! :) Thank you!!


Browns said...

Looks like a nice house, and looks like you had a fun Christmas. I love, love, love the blanket! Looks so soft. And did you make that frog? SO cute!

Cathryn said...

We love all the pictures! I think you should make those frogs and sell them!
What did you fill it with?
Everything looks very orderly and cozy. I'm glad to see that the kids are having fun--loved the vid!

The Gould Family said...

congratulations on the new job, new town and new home! i'm so glad you guys are doing well. love all the homemade gifts, wish i was as crafty and talented as you are!