Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jeremiah's graduation, a new home and Christmas!!!

This last month has been pretty exciting for the Jeremiah Voss family!! After we arrived home from our Thanksgiving trip to the Farrm; Jeremiah recieved a call for an job interview with a company named Spudnik. Jeremiah has grown up his whole life using Spudnik equipment as he harvested potatoes in the fall and so he was really excited to interview for their Engineering position. He traveled down to Blackfoot ID, and had a first interview and was gone most of the day- when he arrived home, I was excited to see what he thought of the interview, he said that it had gone really well, and I asked him if he thought he would get another interview and he said, "No".  Me: "What? why??!! I responded, pretty ticked off that he was leaving me in the dark....." He just loooked at me and said- "Because they offered me a job!!" My attitude changed pretty quickly and we are definitely humbled because we know that the Lord had answered our prayers and fast offering to him. So.... now we had ALOT to get done. #1 was figuring out where we were going to live!!
Long story short, I was able to find a great apartment in Shelley ID, just 20 min from Jeremiah's job in Blackfoot. Our ward is very welcoming and I really think that we are going to like it here! Jeremiah graduated on Sat Dec 18th with his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and also gained a really great friend that we now live down the street from! He was able to Graduate in the newest building on campus- it is almost a replica of he conference center, just smaller! It was gorgeous and all of the talks and cermony's were wonderful. The spirit of the Lord was felt.
Shelley ID is so pretty. I have been to the local Library almost every day to check out new books and I entered myself into a quilt block contest!! I am excited to be involved in this and to learn something new!! I dont really consider the projects I've done in the past REAL quilting, because from my knowledge, REAL quilting involves precision- especially in a contest!! :) I am excited to try my hand at it!! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place all recieve a cash prize!! We have been greatly blessed!! I know that the Lord has provided all of this for us and I am forever grateful.
Christmas was also very exciting for ME this year (and the rest of us) I was able to wrap and give gifts that I had made by hand to my husband and children!! I made beanbag balls for Grant, a fabric dollhouse and barn for the kids, a beanbag frog (totally cool) and a toddler blanket like Alyse's for Grant!! They were so sweet when they opened them- they couldn't have been more excited and I felt soooo happy that I had spent alll of those nights working on these gifts, it made Christmas more enjoyable for me. I believe this is the start of a NEW TRADITION in the Voss family!! :) Yes mother, I am calling it a TRADITION after only doing it once..... haha... You win. I also bound Jeremiah's scriptures for him, they were falling apart and he was grateful to have them whole again- although it wasn't really a suprise because like the day after I had wrapped them he was out looking for where they had gone... I prob. could have planned that better.... lol.
I wanted to share one last thing before I add all of the pictures.... (P.S. I am not complaining, I already mentioned that my Christmas has been FULL of blessings, this is part of the story...) This year we did not have a budget for Christmas. Jeremiah is not creative and crafty like I am, so I was the only one who did not open any presents on Christmas Day. (Dont you dare feel sorry for me- I opened gifts from other family members on Christmas Eve) As I have been organizing my new home (better than any christmas present) I will sub-consciously say to myself, "I need a new beadspread, or I bins to hold the kids toys, I need more spices to cook with.." Just little things like that as I am trying to get my house in order- I just want to share that as I have been unpacking I have found a substitute, or the EXACT thing I was thinking I was in need of to fill those "needs" (wants) in my life... I checked my spices and realized that I actually DID have everything that I thought I didn't have, they had just not been used for a while. I found a comforter in storage that is exactly what I wanted to cover my bed with that I had forgotten that I already owned!! I also took a hanging rack that used to hold our shoes and used in to hold the kids new toys!! There have been many examples of this. I have felt the Lord teaching me- helping me to understand that He has already been providing for me- and in a way these have been His Christmas gifts to me- ontop of EVERYTHING else He has given to us this year.Most importantly, My Savior and Redeemer. We are healthy, we are happy, we have testimony's of His gospel, and He has showered us with loving friends and family. I just feel so blessed and I wanted to share those feelings with you!!  "when God blesses us, He does it with the Malachi measure, and the harvest baskets are 'pressed down and shaken together, and running over'. For us, blessing size is clearly not as important as the Blessing Source."  Neal A. Maxwell. Whom the Lord Loveth:The Journey of Discipleship

Happy New Year!!


Graduation Day!!

Jeremiah's good friend Josh

Lookin Good

Everyone was laughing because these guys are MORTAL ENEMIES (well, sorta) - I made them get a picture together and Shawn threw down the peace sign... totally funny!

Graduating Engineers


Jeremiah and Heidi

Getting his diploma!!

Group picture of all the Engineers and Professors!!

Jeremiah and his mother Gail

Gail and Kevin

Heidi and Roger


Hey- I was there too!!

 (This is a Christmas video, its totally cute!!:)

Grant thinks that his horse says "rar" we have some work to do

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Congratulations on the new job, new town and new home! I'm so glad you guys are doing so well.