Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mom... Im on the phone!!

I left the room for one minute.... and she has assumed my position

Talking to Grandma

Telling har about her busy day...

Apparently she didn't like what Grandma was saying...

But all is well, must have been a lapse in communication

"Grandma, can you hold on while I turn the page of my book?"

"Okay, what were you saying?"

Singing opera!!

We miss you Grandma!! Can't wait to come visit for Thanksgiving!!!


Cathryn said...

I love talking to her on the phone!!
That was such cute narration of the photos too!!


Anonymous said...

mom! Im on the phone! Hold on Grandma i have to turn the page, okay what where you saying? That is just to cute!


Anonymous said...

singing opera! :o that is the most cute thing i have seen in a very long time!